Autumn in Kirkenes is a well-kept travel tip. It is a wonderful time to experience the fantastic colors and even the Northern lights. Since there are a lot of birch and aspen trees in Kirkenes and the surrounding area, autumn is pure fireworks. Especially the Pasvik valley south of Kirkenes with its large forest areas is worth an autumn trip!

If you would like to see the Northern Lights, but don’t necessarily want to come in the coldest time of the winter, then autumn is the right time for you. From the end of August the evenings and nights are dark enough to see the amazing Northern Lights.

By autumn we mean the period from about mid-August to October. From mid-October it can get very wintry. But of course that varies from year to year.

And what can you do here at this time of the year? It is the best time for walks and hiking tours. On the way you can pick blueberries and cranberries (the Scandinavian cloudberry is already ripe at the end of July). We offer river boat trips or sightseeing tours in the beautiful Pasvik valley. There we also visit the national park center. It is also a great period to observe Northern lights.

What to do in Kirkenes in autumn?