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Summer in Kirkenes

The light nights make summer a very special experience. The continental climate gives us an unexpectedly warm summer and temperatures around 25 C are not uncommon. However, everything is possible in summer and snowfall is said to have happened in June (fortunately I have never experienced that in my 21 years in Kirkenes). Summer is short and autumn arrives at the end of August. Real summer months are therefore only June, July and August. The current weather can be found here: www.yr.no/

If you want to experience the midnight sun, you have to arrive between mid-May and mid-July. A unique experience to sit on the terrace of the Thon Hotel with a good drink and let the sun shine on your face at night. However, the nights are nice and light until mid-August, only then does it get dark again in the evening. But If you want to check the exact time of sunrise and sunset, you can do so here: https://www.timeanddate.no/astronomi/sol/norge/kirkenes

The trees and shrubs usually turn green at the end of May and the many birch and pine trees make our community a green oasis in the otherwise very barren north. The residents attach great importance to beautiful flowers in the garden. A walk through the town is a nice experience.

In the Pasvik valley in Svanvik (40 km south of Kirkenes) you will find one of the northernmost botanical gardens in the world. Here you can only be amazed at what can grow so far north. If you are interested in flora and fauna, you should definitely visit the Pasvik valley, where there is also the largest tribe of brown bears (and the bears are only awake in summer).

If you would like to swim in summer, you are welcome to do so. In the smaller lakes and bays, the water temperature can reach 18 C or more. The Barents Sea is also very refreshing in summer with a maximum water temperature of 10 C. You can check the current water temperature here: https://no.seatemperature.net/current/norway/kirkenes

Hiking is a great activity in Kirkenes and the surrounding area. There are also easy hiking trails with wonderful views in the immediate vicinity of the village. For maps and more info check www.perletur.no/stikkut/turer eller https://ut.no/kart. Or visit our shop for maps and more information.

What to do in Kirkenes in summer?